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by KAUSTUBH SHARMA on Sept. 5, 2021, 1:04 a.m. with 770 views

ECS(Elastic Container Services) vs EKS(Elastic Kubernetes Services)

Amazon ECS & EKS both are fully managed container services.


ECS- It manages containers in clusters called ECS Clusters.

EKS - EKS differs from ECS in that it’s used to manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS infrastructure. You can also migrate an existing Kubernetes workload to EKS.


ECS- As ECS depends on AWS’s own container environment, it integrates better with the AWS ecosystem, including CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and Amazon ECR (Elastic Container Registry) for the seamless management of Docker images.

EKS- EKS uses Kubernetes, it’s more flexible, meaning you could migrate your workload to another platform easier than you could from ECS, making it more suitable for complex multi-cloud workloads.


ECS- ECS control plane is totally free,

EKS- EKS is charged.


ECS- Suited for comparatively simpler apps.

EKS - better suited to complex applications.


ECS- Offers simplicity, managed by AWS.

EKS -Offers more control over cluster management and scheduling.


Conclusion- Both services works great with AWS. But if you have a simpler application or want to taket advantages of simplicity of AWS Services, then use Amazon ECS or if you have more complex app and want to use multi-cloud approach or want more control using the flexibility of Kubernetes, then go ahead with Amazon EKS.



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