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RoadMap for AI/ML Engineer - FASTEST WAY



  • This RoadMap suggest fastest way to become a AI/ML Engineer in sequential manner.
  • Free Resources are available at the bottom of the page.
  • NOTE: RoadMap will not work automatically, you have to work hard to become AI/ML Engineer, otherwise there are millions of people (now AI as well) to replace you.

If you want to purchase things without watching the price tag, then you have to work hard without watching the clock!!!

Table of Contents


  • Python
  • DSA (Python)
  • SQL

Introduction to AI

  • Introduction to AI
  • Machine Learning Terminolgy and Process
  • Fundamentals of Generative AI for Beginners


  • AWS (Preferred)
  • Azure

Data Processing

  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Data PreProcessing
  • Feature Engineering

Machine Learning

  • Model Building
  • Model Training
  • Model Tuning
  • Model Evaluation


  • Blue/green, canary, A/B, shadow deployment/testing
  • Inference pipeline
  • Scheduler pipeline
  • Model explainability
  • Detect drift
  • Model update pipeline


  • Min. 3 Projects


  • Make sure you include all important keywords in Resume.
  • Layout should be simple.
  • Do a Certification.
  • Start Applying and Give every Interview.
  • Be Curious, Connect with People, real people or on LinkedIn.

If anyone followed same roadmap or want to provide some free material link to all those who are watching this video are welcomed to provide in the comments.

Free Resources Link

Learning ResourceDuration (in hrs)Resource Link
Linear Algebra3Free Link
Statistics3Free Link
Differential Equations3Free Link
Introduction to AI0.3Free Link
Machine Learning Terminology and Process1Free Link
Introduction to Generative AI: Art of the Possible1Free Link
Fundamentals of Generative AI for Beginners3Free Link
Planning a Generative AI Project1Free Link
Introduction to Amazon SageMaker0.2Free Link
Data Analysis3Free Link
Amazon Bedrock Getting Started1Free Link
Foundations of Prompt Engineering4Free Link
Building Generative AI Applications using Amazon Bedrock4Free Link
Building Language Models using AWS5.5Free Link
Building Generative AI Applications using Amazon Bedrock4Free Link
Generative AI Foundations on AWS8Free Link
Amazon CodeWhisperer Getting Started0.5Free Link
Getting Started with Amazon Kendra1.5Free Link
Getting Started with Amazon Lex1Free Link
Deep Learning Book3Free Link