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What is Notebook Instance?



  • Learn What is Notebook Instance?

What is Notebook/Jupyter Notebooks in AI?

  • Jupyter Notebook or simply known as Notebook is a notebook authoring application, under the Project Jupyter umbrella.
  • They become a community standard for communicating and performing interactive computing.
  • Due to it's interactive computation power, Used widely with Data Science and AI/ML Projects.

Components of Jupyter Notebook & Their Uses:

Jupyter notebook combines two components:

  • Browser-based editing web application: Allows interactive authoring of computational notebooks which provides a fast interactive environment for:

    • Prototyping and explaining code,
    • Exploring and visualizing data, and
    • Sharing ideas with others.
  • Computational Notebook documents: A shareable document that can combine multiple features:

    • Computer code,
    • Plain language descriptions,
    • Data,
    • 3D models,
    • Charts,
    • Mathematics,
    • Graphs
    • Diagrams, and
    • Interactive controls.

Official Defination of Notebook Instance

  • Any Virtual Server/Virtual Machine/ EC2 Instances, or simply Instances, when specially optimized for Machine learning purposes and have the Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab App installed on them. They are known as Notebook Instances.
  • Generally Term Notebook Instance is used in AWS SageMaker Service.
  • Notebook Instances also provide preconfigured kernels with the following packages:
    • Amazon SageMaker Python SDK,
    • AWS SDK for Python (Boto3),
    • AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI),
    • Conda,
    • Pandas,
    • Deep learning framework libraries, and
    • Other libraries for data science and machine learning.