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What is Artificial Intelligence?


So, you might think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is some supercomputer or some software like that!! But just like Linux is not an operating system,it's a kernel. AI is technically a

Official Defination of AI

  • Field of computer science
  • that deals with the set of technologies concerned with building hardware and software or a combination of both, that solve cognitive problems, or even tasks, that involve data whose scale exceeds what humans can analyze.
  • AI system can be hardware, software, or a combination of both.

Any machine or software that can do one or more of the cognitive tasks is an AI.

Goal of AI

The goal of AI is to create self-learning systems that derive meaning from data.

But how we are going to create self-learning systems (AI) ?

Let's understand this with a real-life analogy. Suppose you want to become a baker who can make variety of beautiful cakes. So, to do that,

  • We need ingredients,
  • We should know the recipe of the cake to know the overall process of using ingredients and
  • Sequence of actions to make the cake and
  • Then, we have to bake the cake to get the desired cake.


  • The ingredient for AI to create these self-learning systems is datasets.

Uses of AI

Then, AI can apply that knowledge to solve new problems in human-like ways. For example, AI technology can

  • respond meaningfully to human conversations,
  • create original images and text, and
  • make decisions based on real-time data inputs.

Business Usage of AI

Your organization can integrate AI capabilities in your applications to optimize business processes, improve customer experiences, and accelerate innovation.