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by KAUSTUBH SHARMA on Sept. 30, 2022, 1:41 p.m. with 7439 views

  • Cloud9 workspace should be built by an IAM user with Administrator privileges, not the root account user.
  • Create a Cloud9 Environment:

  • Choose the large yellow "Create environment" button shown on the screen.
  •  Enter a name for your environment - ks-aws-multi-p-c9env-aps1-prod_env, where it follows the global naming convention.
  • Enter a description: "This environment is for the AWS Cloud9 tutorial."
  • Choose Next step

  • On the Configure settings page, for Environment type, choose one of the following options to create an Amazon EC2-backed environment:
    • Create a new EC2 instance for the environment (direct access) – Launches an Amazon EC2 instance that AWS Cloud9 can connect to directly over SSH, basically opening inbound port 22.

    • Create a new no-ingress EC2 instance for the environment (access via Systems Manager) – Launches an Amazon EC2 instance that doesn't require any open inbound ports. AWS Cloud9 connects to the instance through AWS Systems Manager.
    • If you select the access via Systems Manager option, a service role and an IAM instance profile are automatically created to allow Systems Manager to interact with the EC2 instance on your behalf. You can view the names of both in the Service role and instance profile for Systems Manager access section further down the interface. 
  • For Instance type, leave the default choice. This choice has relatively low RAM and vCPUs, which is sufficient for this tutorial.
  • For Platform, choose the type of Amazon EC2 instance that you want: Amazon Linux 2.
  • Choose "After 30 minutes(default)" for Cost-saving setting. When all web browser instances that are connected to the IDE for the environment are closed, AWS Cloud9 waits the amount of time specified and then shuts down the Amazon EC2 instance for the environment.
  • Choose Next.

  • On the Review page, choose Create environment. Wait while AWS Cloud9 creates your environment. This can take several minutes.

  • After AWS Cloud9 creates your environment, it displays the AWS Cloud9 IDE for the environment.

Learn more this through Video on -YouTube