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PYTHON-0.1 How to Get Started With Python?



  • No Experience/Skills Required.

Getting Started

  • First thing you need to learn Python is to learn about IDE.

What is IDE?

Place where you write the code.

  • Integrated Development Environment.

  • Application that provides comprehensive tools and features to software developers for coding, testing the code, and debugging (process of finding errors in code and resolving them).

  • Popular IDEs:

    • Visual Studio - Primarily for Python
    • Eclipse - Primarily for Java
    • IntelliJ IDEA - Primarily for Java, Kotlin
    • PyCharm - Primarily for Python
    • Visual Studio Code (VSCode) - Supports a wide range of languages.
    • Atom - Supports many languages.
    • NetBeans - Primarily for Java, PHP
    • Xcode - Official IDE for Apple platforms.
    • Android Studio - Official IDE for Android app development
  • Although, most IDEs supports wide range of languages, but in real world, they are primarly used for a particular Programming language.

  • We are going to use VS Code for our tutorial.

Why VS Code, not Others?

  • Lightweight but Powerful source code editor
  • Integrate with almost anything reuired for software Development.
  • Available and Consistent on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Why VS Code, not JupyterLab?

  • JupyterLab is INTERACTIVE Development Environment, not INTEGRATED Development Environment.
  • We are going to utilize JupyterLab inside VS Code.

How to Download & Install VS Code?