1. Q1.

    A company uses an Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Standard queue for an application. An issue has been identified where applications are picking up messages from the queue that are still being processed causing duplication. What can a Developer do to resolve this issue?

  2. Q2.

    An Auto Scaling Group (ASG) of Amazon EC2 instances is being created for processing messages from an Amazon SQS queue. To ensure the EC2 instances are cost-effective, a Developer would like to configure the ASG to maintain aggregate CPU utilization at 70%. Which type of scaling policy should the Developer choose?

  3. Q3.

    A Development team are developing a micro-services application that will use Docker containers on Amazon ECS. There will be 6 distinct services included in the architecture. Each service requires specific permissions to various AWS services. What is the MOST secure way to grant the services the necessary permissions?