1. Q1.

    A company runs many microservices applications that use Docker containers. The company are planning to migrate the containers to Amazon ECS. The workloads are highly variable and therefore the company prefers to be charged per running task. Which solution is the BEST fit for the company’s requirements?

  2. Q2.

    A Development team is creating a financial trading application. The application requires sub-millisecond latency for processing trading requests. Amazon DynamoDB is used to store trading data. During load testing, the Development team found that in periods of high utilization the latency is too high and read capacity must be significantly over-provisioned to avoid throttling. How can the Developers meet the latency requirements of the application?

  3. Q3.

    An organization has an Amazon S3 bucket containing premier content that they intend to make available to only paid subscribers of their website. The objects in the S3 bucket are private to prevent inadvertent exposure of the premier content to non-paying website visitors. How can the organization provide only paid subscribers the ability to download the premier content in the S3 bucket?