1. Q1.

    An Amazon RDS Read Replica is being deployed in a separate region. The master database is not encrypted but all data in the new region must be encrypted. How can this be achieved?

  2. Q2.

    A retail company with many stores and warehouses is implementing IoT sensors to gather monitoring data from devices in each location. The data will be sent to AWS in real time. A solutions architect must provide a solution for ensuring events are received in order for each device and ensure that data is saved for future processing.

    Which solution would be MOST efficient?

  3. Q3.

    A Solutions Architect needs to transform data that is being uploaded into S3. The uploads happen sporadically and the transformation should be triggered by an event. The transformed data should then be loaded into a target data store.

    What services would be used to deliver this solution in the MOST cost-effective manner? (Select TWO.)