1. Q1.

    A solutions architect is creating a document submission application for a school. The application will use an Amazon S3 bucket for storage. The solution must prevent accidental deletion of the documents and ensure that all versions of the documents are available. Users must be able to upload and modify the documents.

    Which combination of actions should be taken to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

  2. Q2.

    An Amazon VPC contains several Amazon EC2 instances. The instances need to make API calls to Amazon DynamoDB. A solutions architect needs to ensure that the API calls do not traverse the internet.

    How can this be accomplished? (Select TWO.)

  3. Q3.

    A company runs a web application that serves weather updates. The application runs on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances in a Multi-AZ Auto scaling group behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The instances store data in an Amazon Aurora database. A solutions architect needs to make the application more resilient to sporadic increases in request rates.

    Which architecture should the solutions architect implement? (Select TWO.)