1. Q1.

    A company runs an application on-premises that must consume a REST API running on Amazon API Gateway. The company has an AWS Direct Connect connection to their Amazon VPC. The solutions architect wants all API calls to use private addressing only and avoid the internet. How can this be achieved?

  2. Q2.

    A web application is deployed in multiple regions behind an ELB Application Load Balancer. You need deterministic routing to the closest region and automatic failover. Traffic should traverse the AWS global network for consistent performance. How can this be achieved?

  3. Q3.

    A Solutions Architect just completed the implementation of a 2-tier web application for an organization. The application uses Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon ELB, and Auto Scaling across two subnets. After deployment, the Solutions Architect noticed that only one subnet has EC2 instances running in it. What might be the cause of this situation?