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What is Feature Engineering?


What is Feature in AI/ML?

Individual measurable characteristic or property of an object that is being observed. Like age, marital staus of object 'Person'.

PersonAgeMarital Status
  • Input variables or attributes that the model uses to make predictions.
  • For example,
    • In an ML application that recommends a music playlist, features could include song ratings, which songs were listened to previously, and song listening time.
    • Consider a dataset of houses with information about their size, number of bedrooms, and location. In this case, the features would be "size," "number of bedrooms," and "location."
  • It requires significant effort to create features.

What is Feature Engineering?

  • Engineering which involves the extraction and transformation of variables from raw data, such as price lists, product descriptions, and sales volumes so that you can use features for training and prediction.
  • Includes data extraction and cleansing and then feature creation and storage.